Razer Claims Sila Is The “Fastest Gaming Router” Out There

Razer sila gaming router

Razer, the company that manufactures gaming hardware and software, has introduced a new router looks like is a boon for gamers.

Entering the router market with Sila, a gaming-focused router, Razer said that it specializes in fast and reliable Wi-Fi. Sila features a dual algorithm hybrid wireless mesh that ensures that there are no dead spots in your home and you can access the internet by sitting anywhere in your home. A dedicated backhaul makes use of separate channels for backhaul traffic, leaving other bands open for maximum speed without halving throughput.

Powered by Razer FasTrack, a “smart traffic management” tool, Sila prioritizes bandwidth when multiple applications are running. The router automatically detects the console you are playing on to provide you the smoothest gaming or streaming experience.

Moreover, there is a one-touch gaming mode that reserves bandwidth for online gaming.

Sila will be available for retail from October 3 and can be purchased at $249.99. Razer has also said that with two routers, you can set up a mesh network that spans 6,000 square feet.

Razer’s Sila looks like a must-have component for hardcore gamers who are tired of dropped connections, lags and other tantrums thrown by a wireless network.

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