Researchers Hack Into Rats’ Brains, Dream of Better Future Just Like Us


dreaming rats

You thought humans are the only species that can make plans and dream of a better future!!! Guess what, you are wrong. Rats too dream the same way we do.

According to a new research, when rats sleep, their brain simulate journeys to a desired future such as a tasty treat creating fragments of future that they wish could come to reality.

The research at University College London explains that it is due to hippocampus, a part of the brain that helps us to imagine the future. When mammals move in the environment they find suitable, they immediately form a map inside their brain.

Senior scientist Hugo Spiers explains:

During sleep or rest, the hippocampus replays journeys through this map which may help strengthen the memory. It has been speculated that such replay might form the content of dreams.

The researchers monitored brain activity in rats whilst keeping them in different environments. First teasing them with the food they cannot get, then while they were asleep and last when they were allowed to get to the food.

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The results were astounding; the brain cells that are involved in navigation showed that the brain activity during rest was similar to when they were kept away from the food. Meaning, they had been dreaming and recreating the situation in their brain.

Spies added:

Because the rat and human hippocampus are similar, this may explain why patients with damage to their hippocampus struggle to imagine future events.

The results are very useful as they explain why some people are unable to imagine the future.

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