Rainbow Six Extraction Brings Its Very Own Form Of Zombies In The New Co-op Game

The biggest video game event of the year – E3 has officially begun. A fully online event for video game publishers and enthusiasts alike. On the very first day, Ubisoft took the stage and revealed Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction during Ubisoft Forward at E3, one of the most awaited games from Ubisoft.

Initially called Rainbow Six Quarantine, the upcoming game was the highlight of Ubisoft Forward at this year’s E3. While there were many announcements from the developer, let’s talk about Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay reveal

While we got the first reveal for Ubisoft’s upcoming tactical co-op shooter at E3 2019, back when the game was called Rainbow Six Quarantine, the initial trailer hinted towards a parasite, well, sort of. Finally, however, we got a good look at Ubisoft’s upcoming Rainbow Six Extraction at E3. The gameplay features zombies like alien creatures controlled by a parasite called archaean that is ever-evolving in its closed territory.

The gameplay revealed three categories of the creatures; a long-range spiker, which throws armor-piercing spikes; an explosive breacher, a shape-shifting tormentor; and lastly, the apex. In Rainbow Six Extraction, the gameplay heavily focuses on operator abilities to counter the archaeans and extract a fallen teammate. One thing to note here, a compromised operator cant be played until extracted from the parasite-infected site.

Interestingly, once a mission starts, and as the players move in the parasite-infested area, the archaeans react to their presence, so stealthy play is the key to successful missions. Oh! And one more thing, if you fail to complete the task, all progress is lost, so be careful!

The game will hit the stores on September 16th, 2021, finally after many delays. Moreover, Ubisoft also confirmed that Rainbow Six Extraction would feature crossplay. Rainbow Six Extraction will release globally for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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