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The fifth episode of Ms. Marvel, “Time and Again,” revealed a lot about Kamala, her family’s origins, and her friend and love interest, Kamran. While Ms. Marvel episode 5 solved many of the mysteries raised in previous episodes, it also raised a few new ones.

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With Ms. Marvel nearing the end of her run, and with only one episode remaining, it’s unclear how many of these unanswered questions and plot threads will be left hanging for future properties to deal with. Here is a list of the most important questions and mysteries Ms. Marvel episode 6 has to answer.

1. How did Kamran get his powers? And what are his powers?

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We saw Kamran gaining powers in the latest episode of Ms. Marvel. While it’s only a brief scene, they appear to be very similar to his power set in the comics. His powers are clearly linked to his mother, Najma, as he is shown to receive them after her sacrifice at the veil.

It’s unclear how this works. But her dying word was her son’s name; it’s possible she was passing her powers on to him in some way. Still, it’s unclear what role he’ll play in the MCU in the future.

Meanwhile, Kamran is only seen using his powers to throw a drone off balance and eventually cause it to explode. This corresponds to his abilities in the comics. He is shown to be capable of emitting bright energy from his body that can shock his enemies and cause objects to explode. With what little we’ve seen of Kamran’s powers in Ms. Marvel episode 5, it appears his abilities haven’t changed.

2. What other powers does Kamala’s Bangle have?

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Kamala’s abilities have been consistent in Ms. Marvel thus far. So the ability to travel through time comes as a surprise. Time travel is a very different power than creating hard light constructs. It’s unclear what else Kamala’s bangle could be hiding. But given how much it’s been sought after, its abilities could be quite impressive.

Kamala’s bangle, which contained references to the Ten Rings, was discovered in a ruin. It’s entirely possible that it’s an artifact comparable to their level of power. An artifact capable of tearing down a barrier that held back a world-ending force in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

If Kamala’s bangle does have a connection to the Ten Rings, it’s likely that more of its abilities will be explored and discovered after Ms. Marvel concludes, with the answers to those questions bearing some significance for the larger MCU.

3. What happened with the Veil?
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It’s unclear how the veil to the Noor Dimension was breached. It could have been feedback from Kamala’s bangle reacting to Najma’s attack, or it could have been the aftereffect of using as much energy as time travel must have required.

It’s also unclear how Najma closed it. If the veil is opened, the Noor Dimension will try to consume all of Earth, as Waleed warned in Ms. Marvel episode 4. The ClanDestines’ exile was apparently meant to be permanent, as they could not even touch the veil without dying.

4. Did the ClanDestines really die?
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Ms. Marvel has established the ClanDestines as the main antagonists. While many of them died in previous episodes, killing them all off before the end of the series is certainly a surprise.

It’s possible that there’s more going on than meets the eye, and Kamran is confident that his mother will return for him. The existence of his abilities implies a new connection to the Noor that did not previously exist. Perhaps Najma is on the other side of the veil, empowering her son.

Ms. Marvel doesn’t reveal much about the Noor Dimension or the ClanDestines. It’s possible that touching the veil didn’t actually kill them, but rather freed them from this realm and returned them home. While leaving nothing but a mineralized skeleton is not a good sign, it is also not a sure sign of death when dealing with a dimension about which little is known.

5. What does Kamala’s broken necklace signify?
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Muneeba and Sana arrive after Najma closes the veil and sees Kamala using her powers. After a brief exchange, Kamala runs off to say goodbye to Kimo, and her mother recognizes a broken necklace as Kamala’s. It was previously demonstrated that the necklace said her name in Arabic.

The broken piece resembles Ms. Marvel’s lightning-bolt symbol in the comics, providing Kamala with yet another piece of her eventual costume. While parting, Kimo also gives her a red scarf, which will most likely be incorporated into her final look in Ms. Marvel episode 6.

Ms. Marvel episode 6 is set to premiere Wednesday, July 13 at 3 a.m. ET / 12 a.m. PT. / 8 a.m. BST/ 12:30 pm IST on Disney+. Also, let us know in the comments down below what other questions you have for Ms. Marvel episode 6 to answer.

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