Terragraph Project: Qualcomm And Facebook Partner To Bring High-speed Urban Wi-Fi

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Facebook announced in its 2016’s Annual Developer’s Conference that they are planning to bring High-Speed WiFi to densely populated areas. Now, Qualcomm has stepped up as a partner company to bring the project to reality.

On Monday, Qualcomm announced that the Chipsets produced henceforth will feature the advanced Terragraph technology. The move aims to invite developers to work around and develop new hardware that can support the interchange of data at 60 GHz frequency which is unlicensed in most of the countries.

Terragraph is a millimeter wavelength technology that involves equipping street lights with antennas emitting high-frequency radio waves that can penetrate heavily populated areas. It is a pre-8.2.11ay standard-based technology. The technology is a fiber network alternate; best suited to places where underground wiring is restricted or impractical.

Terragraph technology
Image: Facebook

“Our collaboration with Facebook will bring advanced 11ad and pre-11ay technologies to market increasing broadband penetration and enabling operators to reduce their capex for last mile access” read Qualcomm’s official blog post.

Qualcomm will enhance the technology using channel bonding, massive antenna arrays, TDMA protocols and time synchronized protocols. This will enable signals to get past obstacles found in urban areas and will also cut short the setup cost.

The trials are expected to begin by mid of the next year. San Jose is the most preferred location for trials as suggested by Facebook in 2016.

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