Qualcomm Nuvia Chips Will Debut In 2023: Qualcomm CEO

The wait for Qualcomm Nuvia chips continues.

Qualcomm Nuvia
Image: Qualcomm

Qualcomm bought the Arm processor design team Nuvia in early 2021. The main motive behind this purchase was to design Arm-based PC processors. It was expected that Qualcomm would launch Nuvia-designed chips at the end of 2022 or in early 2023.

Now Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Aman has confirmed that the production of the finished Nuvia chip will start in late 2023. And as per him, this doesn’t include any delay. Cristiano was answering the questions after the release of second-quarter earnings. At the end of the questions answers, round journalists asked about the roadmap of Nuvia chips.

Qualcomm Nuvia Chips

Aman replied to the journalists, “We are on track.” He said, “We have been working with Microsoft for many years. So I think with Windows 11… as I mentioned before, it’s the first time you’ll have full supporting 64-bit emulation on Arm, the first time you’ll have a platform which is ready for commercial and enterprise deployment. We did, within the quarter, launch with Lenovo, the first enterprise ThinkPad, and we have a number of designs with our [Snapdragon] 8cx Generation 3.”

Talking about the actual release of the Nuvia chip, Cristiano added, “As we think about the next generation, we have been developing our own CPU that has been designed by the Nuvia team, and we are going after that performance…. High scale in the enterprise, and development is on track and we expect to have that in late 2023.”

Although, Cristiano is saying the development is on track, and there is no delay. It appears that the Nuvia chips are delayed for at least a year. The delayed Nuvia chip is the only concern for the company. As in the earnings report, Qualcomm has reported quarterly revenue of $11.164 billion, up 41% YoY. The company’s net income stood at $2.934 billion, up 67% YoY.

Qualcomm attempts to beat Apple M series silicon with Nuvia chips. As the final launch is delayed, it will give Apple enough time to be miles ahead of the competition. Anyways, what are your expectations from Qualcomm Nuvia chips? Do let us know in the comments.

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