Qualcomm-MSFT Deal Is Why There Aren’t Many Windows On ARM PCs

The deal is expiring soon.


The Windows on ARM PC scenario can seem confusing to some. So far, we have only seen Qualcomm SoCs in ARM-based PCs running Windows, and there’s a reason for it. That is to say, Qualcomm has a secret exclusivity deal with Microsoft.

As reported by XDA, the deal existed for a while now and is about to expire soon. This could mean a lot of things, including Windows support coming to the M1 Macs. Even when Microsoft has called out that anyone can build a Windows on an ARM chip, that’s not the case.

Qualcomm was among the initial companies that built ARM chips compatible with Windows, and that is why it has the privilege of exclusivity. With the deal coming to an end, we could see more Windows PCs running on ARM-powered devices. Even better, this could mean that Windows support for Apple’s M1 series chips could arrive shortly.

Apple Silicon Macs do not offer Boot Camp, and there isn’t any official Windows support for Apple Silicon devices. Redmond even said that the ARM version of Windows 11 running on Apple Silicon macs via any method is “not a supported scenario.”

Moreover, it is not certain that when the Qualcomm-Microsoft deal will come to an end. It could be a few weeks or a few months. Once the partnership is over, we will see other brands like Samsung and MediaTek boarding the train.

Siddharth Dudeja

Siddharth Dudeja

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