Qualcomm Launches New WiFi 7 Module For Phones, PCs, Wearables

WiFi 7 Module
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Qualcomm has released its third generation of WiFi Front-End Modules, including integrated radio components that amplify and transmit messages between the SoC and the antenna. The most recent generation of FEM is specifically designed for Bluetooth, WiFi 6E, and WiFi 7.

Following a comment on Qualcomm’s role as a world leader in mobile phones, its SVP Christian Block said during a press conference that Qualcomm’s “next goal is to become the world’s number one in business.

The new front-end module for RF that Qualcomm launched allows for coexistence between WiFi and 5G. The module can also be used together with Qualcomm ultraBAW filters to enable 5G/WiFi concurrency.

Manufacturers can use it in conjunction with Qualcomm FastConnect 7800 Wi-Fi/7/Bluetooth, and an RF system compatible with Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered devices in addition to third-party WiFi as well as Bluetooth chipsets.

Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7 RF’s front-end module will release soon

Qualcomm claims that the latest RF front-end modules have begun to be marketed to customers. Qualcomm also predicts that devices that use this chip will go on sale during the second half of this year.

In February of this year, Qualcomm released the world’s first and most efficient WiFi 7 commercial system, FastConnect 7800. This is also the market’s most advanced mobile WiFi as well as Bluetooth connection system, which has a maximum speed of 5.8Gbps.

Also, Qualcomm launched the Networking Pro x20 series in May, which is the most scalable commercial WiFi network. It also has expanded the speed to 11.5Gbps (11,500 gigabits), and the capacity of users on the single channel.

In the field of smartphones, Qualcomm is one of the most technological firms in the world. Qualcomm is doing very well, and its progress in the field of the Internet is quite impressive.

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