This Cryptocoin Miner Uses GPU Heat To Warm Up Your Room


It’s the age of cryptocurrency and humans are doing everything they can to mine crypto coins. Coin miners are being built into bodysuits, Tesla car, a smartphone app that gives you coins for walking, etc.

Now, a French startup Qarnot has added way new name to the list: a crypto heater. Yes, you heard that right. The heater, called QC1, can warm up your room while its mines crypto coins. To do so, it houses two Sapphire Nitro + Radeon GPU RX 580 GPUs with 8GB VRAM each.

The heater uses the heat released from the GPUs during mining to warm up the room. However, it also has a traditional heating element, in case, the GPU heat is not enough.

By default, QC1 is programmed to mine Ethereum. Setting it up is a matter of around 10 minutes. You just need to provide an ethernet connection and configure the heater via its app.

Using the app, you can control various functions of the crypto heater, enter your Ethereum wallet address, and view the real-time details of the cryptocurrency mined. The heater can also be controlled via a web app and its capacitive touchscreen interface.

Roughly, you’d be able to mine around $120 worth of Ethereum in a month (mining at 60 MH/s). You can use the heater to mine other cryptocurrencies as well.

One of the biggest problems of crypto mining rigs is heating which can potentially reduce performance over time. Why not use the heat to beat the cold temperatures during winters? QC1 does exactly that.

It can be of great utility for coin miners who want to reduce the electricity burden on their pocket. But on the other hand, a big investment is required up front. Qarnot is currently selling QC-1 for 2900€ (USD 3,572). So, it doesn’t come cheap.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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