Russian Computer Programmer Suspected In US Election Hacking Arrested


Short Bytes: A Russian programmer named Pyotr Levashov has been arrested in Spain. The arrest was made based on an international warrant issued by the US law enforcement. According to Russian television station RT, Levashov is suspected to be involved in hacking attacks influencing the U.S. election.

Acting on a request made by the FBI, the Spanish police has arrested a Russian computer programmer. Named Peter Levashov, the cybersecurity researchers have identified himself as Peter Severa, Reuters reports. The Russian embassy has declined to give details of the arrest.

However, according to the Russian media RT, Levashov is suspected to be involved in the hacking attacks that allegedly affected the US elections.

“The US case remains under seal, so we have no information to provide at this time,” a spokesman for the US Justice Department’s criminal division said.

The arrest of the programmer is based on an international warrant issued by the US and the authorities are planning to try his extradition.

It should be noted that the US government has accused Russia for hacking and influencing Democratic Party emails to help Donald Trump. At the moment, the US congress is examining this matter.

We’ll keep you updated with the further developments in this matter. Stay tuned.

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