PUBG Season 7 Revamps Vikendi Map: Trains, Dinoland, New Survivor Pass


The PUBG 7.1 update, launching on April 21 on PC and April 28 on consoles, will introduce a revamped Vikendi Map. PUBG Corp. has made a lot of significant changes in Vikendi by updating several locations on the map. Also, several trains have been added for players to move around the map faster than before.

In short, PUBG players will be getting a map that can probably stand against Erangel, which is still the first choice for most of the players.

What’s New In The Revamped Vikendi Map?

The revamped Vikendi map will have very little snow, which resolves the visibility issues most players had with the old Vikendi map.


Also, do you remember the Dino Park? Well, that same park has been updated to Dinoland, a theme park with an unfortunate past. The best thing about Dinoland will surely be taking an unguided tour of a museum inside the volcano. There will be more commercial spots like abandoned restaurants and gift shops. So, there will be a lot to explore in Dinoland.


The most exciting thing about the updated Vikendi map in PUBG is the addition of nine new trains, with 12 train stations dotted across the map. So, traveling across the map has never been easier. Also, this means more — I mean a lot more action in the game. 

New sniper rifle: Mosin-Nagant

PUBG Season 7 will also introduce Mosin-Nagant, a new sniper rifle that will only be available on Vikendi and Erangel. Mosin-Nagant is a different skinned Kar98k. According to PUBG Corp., two versions of the weapons are only supposed to provide more variety to players.

‘Cold Front’ Survivor Pass

Finally, PUBG Season 7 will have its own Survivor Pass, the “Cold Front.” Cold Front will include various new skins for chilly weather and some mascot outfits for Dinoland. Also, the Survival Pass will offer community missions for players to unlock free items.

Now, it’s good that PUBG Corp. is adding new things in the game to make it engaging for players. However, things could get even better if the studio focuses a little bit more on hackers. That is because, despite the new content, several players are ditching PUBG because of all the cheating.

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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