PUBG Mobile Upcoming Exclusive Map Is Named ‘Livik’


It’s been a while since PUBG Mobile started teasing a new upcoming map for the 0.19.0 update. First, players thought that PUBG Mobile is hinting at Erangel 2.0. However, later it was confirmed that it is going to be a brand new map made exclusively for PUBG Mobile.

When the new ‘Secret map’ went live on the Beta version of PUBG Mobile, some players named it ‘Fourex.’ Nevertheless, the PUBG Mobile team has now confirmed that the upcoming map is Called ‘Livik.’

‘Livik’ is the only PUBG Mobile map that is designed especially for the mobile version of PUBG. That’s because every other PUBG MOBILE map like Miramar and Vikendi are directly picked up from PUBG PC.

New secret map in PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update
New secret map in PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update

Interestingly, Livik flaunts visual elements of every other map in PUBG Mobile, which makes it the most beautiful map in PUBG Mobile. 

However, the upcoming PUBG Mobile map has some aspects of its own, like beautiful waterfalls, healing ponds, and monster trucks. Also, Livik is by far the smallest map in PUBG Mobile, so the gameplay is going to much faster.

PUBG Mobile new Livik map

PUBG Mobile will launch ‘Livik’ with the release of a 0.19.0 update. Sadly, as of now, there’s no official release date for the update. There are rumors that the update will go live in the second week of July, but we can’t be sure until we hear something from PUBG Mobile.

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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