PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode Isn’t A Noob’s Cup Of Tea


On April 16, 2020, PUBG Mobile released a brand new Arctic mode exclusive to the Vikendi map. This new game mode instantly grabbed everyone’s attention because it was so much different from other PUBG Mobile modes.

Other than hunting and killing your enemies, Arctic Mode wants players to survive the extreme weather conditions of Vikendi. For that, PUBG Mobile introduced consumables items to keep players warm. Along with that, for the first time, PUBG Mobile players could use drones in the game. Drones have nothing to do with the cold; however, they do make the game a bit harder and strategic.

In short, there are so many fresh additions in Arctic Mode that makes it worth playing. That being said, Arctic Mode gets overwhelming for players who are just starting with PUBG Mobile, especially in the first few matches.

Overwhelming For New PUBG Mobile Players

PUBG mobile arctic mode

In a PUBG Mobile classic battle royale match, players need to show teamwork to survive the enemies’ bullets and lend them a killing blow. They have to learn how to use the map’s terrain to their advantage. Moreover, they must have knowledge of all the supplies and weapons and how to use them in the game in order to survive.

So, we can say that for new players, learning all that takes a considerable amount of time.

Now, imagine new PUBG Mobile players straightaway trying their hands on the Arctic Mode, where there’s so much more to do. They would lose their minds within the first match.

Let’s take my example. I have been more of a Call of Duty: Mobile player mostly because of its fast-paced gameplay. Even though I do play PUBG Mobile now and then, I still consider myself a noob there.

So, when I played Arctic Mode for the first time, I got completely overwhelmed. That is because there were so many new things in front of me, like chickens, branches, drones, heaters, and heat packs. And to be honest, I was unaware of how to make use of all these new additions. So, how did I react to that pressure? Well, I took a short break from the Arctic mode.

After a couple of days, I tried the Arctic Mode again with my colleagues who play PUBG Mobile daily. I realized that they are adapting to the new mode faster than me because they know PUBG Mobile better than me. So, they tutored me a bunch of times throughout the gameplay, and that’s when I started to play Arctic Mode decently.

Strategize And Smartly Use All The Resources

use resources in PUBG mobile

It’s pretty straightforward; you can’t win Arctic Mode unless you use your brains and work together as a team. 

Let’s say you are camping inside a house and waiting for the blizzard to pass. So, if you’re new to the game, then you are probably chatting with your friends, or maybe, even getting bored while waiting.

Meanwhile, there’s a squad who is camping near you and has detected your position because of the bonfire that is revealed on the map. Now, the enemy squad uses heat packs and heater to gain immunity against cold temperature, to travel in the blizzard. While you are sitting idly and maybe roasting chickens in the house, they ambush you from all sides.

Either that or one of your enemies decides to use a drone to instruct his teammates of your whereabouts, so that’s it’s easy for them to ambush you.

So, in the above scenario, the difference between you and the enemy squad is that they knew how to make use of all the available resources.

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode Review: Final Verdict

Even though it took me some time to understand the Arctic mode, I would say that I am enjoying the latest addition in PUBG Mobile. Pro PUBG players who no longer feel challenged in classic PUBG Mobile matches, and are capable of juggling both survival and killing skills simultaneously — Arctic Mode is meant for them. 

As previously stated, I am more of a Call of Duty: Mobile player than a PUBG Mobile player. That is because I feel that PUBG Mobile Classic matches get dull because of its slow-paced gameplay. However, that isn’t the case with Arctic Mode.

I liked how players are always on the run to find cover against the blue zone and the blizzard. There’s no time to get bored because either a player is fighting the enemies, or doing other things to survive the cold, like hunting and eating chickens.

Of course, if you’re starting with PUBG Mobile and want to try the Arctic mode, then you might get confused at first. That is why learning some tips and tricks On Arctic mode before jumping into the game could come in handy.

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

Shivam is a blogger who is always fascinated with technology and the amount of knowledge he can gather from the internet. He is trying to nerdify everyone around him with that same knowledge, through his writings. He enjoys gaming in particular, so he tries to keep track of what’s new in the gaming community and write about it. Visit his Gaming Channel IntroGamers on YouTube.
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