PUBG Mobile 0.17.0: Royale Pass Season 12, Death Replay And More


The latest version of PUBG Mobile, 0.17.0 has been launched and users can download it from the Google Play Store. The update will require the storage space of 1.69GB in Android and 1.95GB in iOS.

Several new features have been added in PUBG Mobile’s latest update, including death replay, new awards, and the Royale Pass Season 12. As PUBG celebrates its second anniversary, a new amusement park has been also added to the game.

The theme of the Royale Pass Season 12 is “2gether We Play”. The Royale Pass Season 13 will be available in the game from March 9, 2020. Carlo, a new character, has been introduced in the game. Previously, it was confirmed by the leaks, that Carlo would be launched in the latest update along with other new features.

Latest Features in PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 Update

Death Replay

One of the most-awaited features is the death replay in PUBG Mobile. This feature will help the users in identifying their mistake due to which they died in the game. In this way, the players could ensure that the mistake isn’t repeated in the game.

Hardcore Mode

The hardcore mode has been reintroduced in the game. Users can select the mode by visiting the Arcade Mode selection screen. In the Hardcore mode, manual actions like picking up accessories and opening or closing the doors are enabled for realistic and challenging gameplay. Prompt sound is disabled in this mode.

Colorblind Mode

In the graphic settings, the colorblind mode has been added. The mode provides various color options for the indicators in the game, including auxiliary lines, poison, and smoke.

Amusement Park In Erangel

On the occasion of the second anniversary of PUBG Mobile, the Erangel map of the game will come with amusement parks. Old school amusement parks can be seen in the game in three different locations in the Erangel map. Brand new arcade machines will be placed in these amusement parks, which can get activated by tokens.

Universal Mark

Tactical markers have been added in the game for mark locations, death crates, supplies, and vehicles. Players can use these markers in the game for quick communication.

DBS Shotgun

A brand new double-barreled shotgun has been added to PUBG Mobile latest update. The DBS shotgun can be grabbed via AirDrops. The internal magazine of DBS holds 14 rounds and can fire two shots per rack.

Apart from the mentioned features and modifications, people can go through the 0.17.0 patch note released by PUBG. The developers have smoothened the gameplay, and Playlab has also been added in the game. The club tournament notifications and the player ban notices are now displayed on the home screen of the app.

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