PUBG Becomes The Highest-Grossing Mobile Game: Report


Despite being the battle royale game that had the highest share of controversies around it, PUBG still managed to become the highest-grossing mobile game.

It is suggested that the battle royale game had earned around $146 million of revenue last month. All the money earned by the game has been due to the purchases made by users to buy stuff on both PUBG Mobile and the game’s revamped variant — Game for Peace in China.

In addition to this, as per Chinese brokerage Great Wall Securities, PUBG Mobile was able to get $76 million, while Game For Peace earned $70 million.

For those who have forgotten, in order to abide by China’s State Administration of Press and Publication, Tencent took PUBG Mobile down from China and launched a less violent game, Game for Peace.

The Chinese authorities deem games ineligible if they promote gambling, violence, or China’s imperial past.

Furthermore, China has not been the only place where PUBG has failed to stand straight in the market; countries such as India, Iraq, UAE, and Nepal have been trying hard to ban the game the countries.

PUBG has also been a reason for various deaths and crimes by people and the way the mobile game has managed to gain profits is amusing.

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Vanshika Malhotra

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