PUBG Is Offering A 50% Discount But Players Don’t Give A Sh*t


PUBG is considered one of the most popular battle royale games; however, it is no longer considered one of the best. Recently, PUBG introduced a revamped Vikendi map in Season 7. To celebrate that, the developer decided to offer the game at a 50% discount on Steam.

The discount offer is for a limited period from April 22 to April 29. So, battle royale game enthusiasts should be excited, right? I mean, they would be getting the game at half the price. However, fans aren’t excited even a bit, because PUBG has turned into an ocean full of hackers.

PUBG Is At A Discount, But Who Cares?

It’s a common tactic for game developers to offer their games at a discount to encourage players to buy the game. Also, it isn’t the first time that PUBG Corp. is offering the game at a discounted price. Nevertheless, despite all the efforts, PUBG is continuously losing its player base.

The truth is that most players don’t give a sh*t if PUBG is available at a discount. Most of them don’t even care if the game is free. That is because fans only want the developers to save the game by getting rid of those filthy cheaters.

People don't care that PUBG is at discount

Some fans even think that it is now impossible to save PUBG because there are maybe, millions of hackers in the game who have already ruined the game. That is the same reason why players are saying that a 50% discount means that PUBG is now more affordable for cheaters.

Players want PUBG to focus more on getting rid of hackers. And when they are successful in doing that, only then should they bring up new content and offer discounts. That is because there’s no point in bringing up new players if they are going to lose every game against hackers.

No online game is indeed free of hackers; even PUBG’s most prominent competitors like Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends are full of cheaters. However, the developers of these games still make sincere efforts in this regard. For instance, Call of Duty: Warzone has introduced a new matchmaking system in which suspected cheaters would only be matched with other cheaters.

That being said, few fans are still excited to grab PUBG at discount. Also, PUBG Corp. has laid out its anti-cheat plans for 2020, like introducing two-factor authentication in the game to prevent account hacking. So, if they execute those strategies, then I think that buying the game could be worthwhile for a new player.

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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