PUBG Addict Indian Boy Commits Suicide When Denied Smartphone


Ever since PlayerUnknowns Battleground or PUBG has gained popularity, it has fallen prey to controversies. The most recent one is about an Indian teenager who committed suicide. 

An 18-year old boy, living in Kurla’s Nehru Nagar area of Mumbai, India, hanged himself to death when his parents refused him a new smartphone, priced at INR 37,000 to play PUBG Mobile.

The parents denied a high-end smartphone and instead could buy the boy a smartphone, of worth not more than INR 20,000.

After an argument with the parents, the distressed boy went for a rope to hang himself from the ceiling of the kitchen in the house.

Other details regarding the case are not known currently.

Additionally, the case has been registered with the police and further investigation is being conducted.

To recall, PUBG was recently banned in Gujarat schools as it was reportedly affecting the studies of students, further calling for a ban in the whole country.

Furthermore, putting the game’s fate to risk, an 11-year old submitted a plea to the Mumbai High Court to ban the game as it promoted “violence, aggression, and cyber-bullying.”

Do you also think that the game needs to be banned? Comment your thoughts below!

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Vanshika Malhotra

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