ProtonMail Buys SimpleLogin: Here’s Why It Matters

Hide My Email for all.

Proton Mail Acquire Simple Login
Image: Proton Mail

Privacy-focused email service ProtonMail has bought SimpleLogin, a startup that allows users to create an email alias. Simple Login is a Paris-based startup founded in 2019. It comes as a browser extension, web app, and mobile app.

The service works on a freemium model and is open-source. It offers users a dashboard where they can manage multiple real email addresses. It means users can create different email aliases and disable them if required.

ProtonMail Acquires SimpleLogin

Someone using SimpleLogin can create anonymous email addresses while signing up for a new online service. If the service gets hacked, the actual email address will not be revealed to hackers or sold to advertisers. And in case the alias email address starts receiving spam, users can easily disable them from the Simple Login dashboard.

Within three years of its existence, SimpleLogin has grown to 1,00,000 users. The users have already created more than 2 million email aliases. The monthly growth rate is double-digit. Undoubtedly these numbers are pretty promising for a new service.

ProtonMail has been following SimpleLogin for a long time. Many ProtonMail users were already using SimpleLogin to protect their email addresses. Every ProtonMail user will now have the option to hide their email addresses.

If you were already using SimpleLogin with ProtonMail, things would continue to work as it was working earlier. ProtonMail will keep SimpleLogin as a separate service. However, SimpleLogin will benefit from the ProtonMail infrastructure and security engineering team.

Apple first introduced the Hide My Email feature with iOS 15. Since then, services like DuckDuckGo also started offering similar services. With this acquisition, ProtonMail can also offer email aliases to its users.

Do you think the acquisition of SimpleLogin will help ProtonMail to convince more users to use their email service? Do let us know in the comments.

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