Proton Design Refresh Brings New Logo, Icons, And More

Proton received a new design overhaul

Proton Design
Image: Proton

Proton, which is one of the largest encrypted email providers globally has just received a complete design overhaul including its other services like Proton Calendar, Proton VPN, and Proton Drive.

When Proton started back in 2014, it only offered Proton Mail but with time, more privacy-focused features get integrated to meet the community requirements.

Now they are coming up with a unified visual language that they are calling “Proton Universe” that will combine the building blocks for a privacy-centric ecosystem.

The Proton universe emerged to address the people complaining universally about the lack of family resemblance within Proton apps. So, let’s see what design and visual change Proton is bringing to the table.

The Proton Universe

Proton isn’t simply a combination of privacy-focused services. Their services aren’t just a tech product; instead, it is a gateway to a new and better internet. Hence, it is an attempt to create a unique internet economy that will work for anyone.

Proton is like a parallel universe where the privacy of your information is ensured. It sends your data into a place that provides security and allows you to control what happens to it.

Your data always remains under your control and private. The new product icons are like a portal that allows you to access a better internet. A notable factor in bringing Proton product icons together is to make a family resemblance.

Image Credit – Proton

Hence, every icon has a similar design, size, and weight. Hence, the former icons are also preserved to some extent, including the Proton VPN keeping the triangular shape with corners representing the three countries that house the Proton VPN’s Secure Core servers when seen on a map.

The resemblance is preserved by consistently using Proton purple, a symbol of the privacy-focused universe. Historically, every product has also had a unique individual characteristic; for instance, Proton VPN is popular for the green color, and thus it is reflected.

Color universe

The company preserves the classic base color for the proton’s new visual system, Proton purple. The purple color will make the apps compatible with both dark and light backgrounds, thus appealing in every situation.

Image: Proton

Additionally, apart from the new palette and brand color, there will be specific colors for every service, which include:

  • Blue for Proton Calendar
  • Green for Proton VPN
  • Red for the Proton Drive

Each icon will start with the proton purple color and eventually fade into the service color.

Product name construction

With the introduction of new logos and icons for proton, the names of the products are also being updated. Historically, the name ProtonMail is now Proton Mail. The change is important as converting to a two-word construction creates consistency among all services and future ones.

New Typography

The font design chosen by the Swiss company is ABC Arizona by Elias Hanzer and created by Dinamo Typefaces, a design agency located in Basel. ABC Arizona typography is versatile, elegant, and attractive.

Image: Proton

The ABC Arizona family’s main styles that proton prefers to include the Flare and the Sans. The writings use sans in a simple style with an original touch, while Flare is seen in the headlines to make bold statements.



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