Armor Of God! These Protective Vests Can Endure Knives, Bullets, And More

Confidently walk your way through that bad neighborhood.

stab resistant armor
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Physical threats can arrive at the most unexpected of times. No matter whether you’re making your way through a ghetto or a posh society, you must be prepared to tackle any unfavorable scenarios. Luckily, modern technology has made it possible to safeguard one’s well-being in the face of the gravest danger.

In this article, we take a look at various types of armor that can protect the wearer from a range of attacks. These protective clothing items come in the form of a vest, a pair of sleeves, and even a balaclava-like mask. Impressively, they can sustain hits from both sharp and blunt objects while keeping the wearer safe.

Without a doubt, this special clothing can definitely help VIPs that visit risky locations or attend public gatherings. Check out our compilation of some of the most effective protective vests below.

Top-quality body armor to make you invincible

1. Stab Resistant Body Armor

ppss stab resistant body armor

This protective vest, from security gear firm PPSS, is a remarkable armor that is capable of nullifying stabs, scratches, and even powerful blows. That means the wearer becomes fit to face attacks from knives, pikes, machetes, punches, etc. As obvious, this is a big game-changer for security personnel who are most likely to come across such threats. Further, it comes in two different forms (overt and covert) and a few different colors.

2. Slash and Cut Resistant Clothing

slashpro slash resistant clothing

SlashPro Slash Resistant Clothing combines extraordinary cut resistance with an ordinary look. In other words, this armor looks like standard clothing on the surface but packs level 5 protection from slash attacks. According to the firm, a knife attack is more likely to result in a cut than a stab, and the product’s ability to better handles those strikes makes it a more appropriate armor for such scenarios.

3. BitePRO Bite Resistant Clothing

bitepro bite resistant clothing

Weapons and fistfights aren’t the only things that can injure you. As much as we may ignore the possibility of it, bite assaults can cause serious problems when they happen. In certain areas of work where you can’t take chances with bite infection, BitePRO Bite Resistant Clothing fulfills your need for safety. Interestingly, its looks don’t give away its features, which include protection against bites, blows, and even scratches.

4. Bullet & Taser Resistant Vest

bullet and taser resistant vests

This body armor specializes in dealing with ballistics. It can deflect bullet rounds and ward off taser effects without compromising with comfort and mobility. To break it down, it can effectively block shots fired from Tokarev Ball 7.62 x 25mm and Makarov 9 x 18mm guns, which are common in Russia and several countries in Eastern Europe. Besides stray bullets, this vest can also absorb the impact of full-contact shots aimed at the wearer.

Undoubtedly, these body armor vests make for an essential inventory item for security and law enforcement professionals. Do you think protection like this will become commonplace in such departments soon? Sound off in the comments below.

Interestingly, these vests aren’t the only protective clothing items that impress. There’s a Russian full-body counterpart that can sustain even shrapnel and explosions — yes, that’s right!

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