Twitter Senior Engineer Confirms Bias At Twitter

Twitter says that the platform favors leftists and hates free speech!

Twitter Senior Engineer Confirms Bias At Twitter
Image: YouTube

Project Veritas has made a shocking revelation about the question of bias on Twitter. The popular social media platform favors left ideologies and censors almost everything, as per a Senior Engineer of Twitter.

Project Veritas met with Siru Murugesan, one of Twitter’s senior engineers, multiple times and sneakily recorded all the conversations. Murugesan wasn’t aware he was being recorded the whole time. Project Veritas published a video today which exposes the bias that exists on the platform.

Does Twitter support the Leftists?

Apparently, it does! Not our words but Siru Murugesan confirmed that Twitter is full of employees with left ideology. Project Veritas conducted a series of meetups with him to slowly ease him into giving the details about the workspace.

Murugesan, at any point, didn’t know that he would be revealing so many secrets on camera. Surprisingly, Project Vertias published the video without even censoring his face which could have drastic complications for his career at Twitter.

Siru Murugesan admitted that Twitter is more inclined towards the left ideology. If they want something censored, it is censored without any trouble. But he believes that it is unfair to the right-wing who are not allowed to express themselves on the platform.

In the video, he said that the employees were worried about Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. Most of them believe that he is a capitalist and it would ruin the company. Siru also said that the management team of Twitter was busy saving itself and would rather compromise its ethics.

Lax Work Environment

Siru Murgasan admitted that Twitter has a very easy-going work environment. It is a company that doesn’t believe in stressing employees. Mental health is given the utmost priority and employees can take abrupt leaves and join back when they feel comfortable. Murugesan said that he was working only four hours a day and not more in the last quarter.

Project Veritas
Image: YouTube

Well, Twitter sounds like a joy to work with but the recent acquisition questions the future of the company. CEO Parag Agrawal fired the top leaders last week and said that there would be no more hiring in the coming months. The acquisition is also on hold because Twitter continues to challenge Elon Musk’s statements. But the video showcases that the current censorship on Twitter leans more towards the left.

Do you think that Twitter is neutral? Will it be able to survive the ongoing acquisition and earn revenue? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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