Tesla Model S vs Porsche Taycan Drag Race: Electric Car Showdown


This was bound to happen. Ever since the launch of Porsche Taycan, it has been compared endlessly with the Tesla Model S. And, rightly so. Both cars are competing for premium electric car segments, currently only dominated by Tesla.

In an effort to bring the debate to “Tesla Model S vs Porsche Taycan,” one step closer to the conclusion, BBC’s Top Gear organized a quarter mile between the two electric cars.

The Deputy Editor of Top Gear Magazine, Jack Rix, tested these cars on a quarter-mile drag to see which’s the fastest.

Before the race, he said, “Well it’s what we have all come to see, isn’t it? A quarter-mile drag race between the Tesla Model S performance and the Taycan Turbo S on an airport runway.”

Watch the drag race between these electric cars below:

Porsche Taycan Vs Tesla Model S: Post-Race Analysis

In terms of specs, both cars are pretty neck to neck. Both have a dual motor setup, one on each axle. The Tesla Model S produces 588 BHP and 920 ft-lb (1247 NM of torque), whereas the Porsche Taycan generates 607 BHP (739 BHP with over-boost) and 774 ft-lb (1049 NM of torque).

The difference in the specs plays out just as predicted during the race. The Tesla Model S takes off immediately thanks to superb launch control and a massive amount of torque. But, 100 HP more in the Porsche Taycan allows it to gain lead towards the end of the race.

Jack also mentioned that the Tesla Model S is faster than the Porsche Taycan at 0-60 mph acceleration but slower at 0-100 mph run.

The Tesla Model S is no slouch as Porsche Taycan barely overtook it only at the very end of the quarter-mile drag.

Porsche engineers have previously claimed that the 800-volt battery architecture and a highly efficient thermal management system makes Porsche Taycan ready for all-day performance usage.

Rix enjoyed the same when he won the drag race in the Porsche Taycan. He told all the engineers at Porsche, “You don’t need to worry boys, you’ve won it fair and square.”

“And the Tesla has been dethroned.” He concluded.

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