Crypto Hacker Rewarded $500,000 Bug Bounty After He Hacked In “For Fun”

The hacker has responded but we don't know if he accepted the sum.

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A hacker (or hackers) who successfully managed to hack a blockchain-based platform Poly Network and steal over $600 million in cryptocurrencies was rewarded a $500,000 bug bounty by the same platform.

The hacker, however, returned the sum and said that he hacked “for fun.” Poly Network also thanked “Mr. White Hat” (An ethical hacker who exposes vulnerabilities) because he/they helped improve Poly Network’s security.

The company “hopes” that Mr. White Hat would contribute to the blockchain sector after accepting $500,000. However, it said that the hacker had responded but didn’t say if it was accepted.

The company, in a statement, said, “After communicating with Mr. White Hat, we have also come to a complete understanding regarding how the situation unfolded as well as Mr. White Hat’s original intention.”

The hackers said in digital messages that the attack was for fun and had started returning the coins. “It was always the plan to return the tokens.”

Source: Reuters

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Abubakar Mohammed

Abubakar Mohammed

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