PM Modi Talks About “Violence” In Online Games: Here’s How Twitteratis Took It

Krafton Games also responded to the tweet!

PM modi comment on gaming twiiter reaction
A screenshot of the PMO's tweet

At Toycathlon 2021, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about online and digital games. He commented that most online games are promoting violence or causing mental stress. The remarks were tweeted by the PMO’s official Twitter handle.

While this casts doubt about the return of Battleground to India, it also attracted mixed reactions on Twitter. Here’s everything you need to know about PM Modi’s comment on gaming and how Twitteratis responded to it.

What Did PM Modi Say About Gaming?

Prime Minister Modi’s tweet says that most online and digital games in the market don’t have an Indian concept. He added that many of these games either promote violence or cause mental stress.

These comments are part of the PM’s speech at the Toycathlon 2021. During the speech, he also encouraged people to be vocal about local toys, saying that 80% of toys were imported in India.

His remarks on gaming were later tweeted by the official PMO handle and have attracted mixed responses from Twitterati.

Twitterati React To Modi’s Tweet

Some users tweeted in support of the comments, blaming PUBG for children not listening to their parents. However, a majority of users replied with various issues going on in the country.

Twitterati asked the PM to comment on the disorganized animal welfare in India. Some took a dig at the Prime Minister’s office, saying that the PM has been ignoring important issues.

Some users who agreed with the comments also tweeted that the PM should handle the country’s development, growth, and peace first.

Krafton Games, which is trying to bring back Battlegrounds to India also replied to the Tweet. The company requested a “study on the impact of the gaming environment” in its reply.

Studies published in the U.S. NCBI suggest that games can have positive and negative effects on the players. However, there’s no concrete proof that games cause mental stress. A study into the matter is much needed before calls are made.

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