Pluto Memes Are Breaking The Internet – The Best Internet Reactions


July 14 will be remembered as the day when humanity visited the far-off Pluto. It was a big celebration for science and space enthusiasts as New Horizons captured the clearest images we’ve ever seen of Pluto. This event also inspired numerous people to take some inspiration and flood the internet with a storm of memes.

People posted their clever Pluto memes on Twitter featuring celebrities like Donald Trump, Miley Cyrus and, my favorite, Pluto the dog. And many more. :D

Check out some of the best Pluto memes below:

Image: 9gag

Last, but not the least: a tweet by one of our editors at our official page. This will remind you of Disney’s Pluto, also called Pluto the Pup. Don’t forget to retweet it ;) :D

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Arpit Verma

Arpit Verma

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