PlayStation 5 Official Load Time Is Ridiculously Faster Than PS4

PlayStation 5 Official Load Time
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The PlayStation 5 official load time has been revealed via a video posted on Twitter. The post was shared by Takashi Mochizuki from the Wall Street Journal. The video was shot during a developer conference to showcase the difference between the performance of the PS4 Pro and the next generation PS5.

PlayStation 5 Official Loading Time Compared To PS4 Pro

The video was taken via cell phone and doesn’t reveal much detail, other than the screen loading time of the PlayStation Exclusive game Spiderman being compared. Two screens side by side load the Spiderman PS4 game along with a timer.

The screen labeled as PS4 Pro loads the game in 08.10 seconds while the screen named “Next Generation (under development)” loads the Spiderman game in 00.83 seconds. This puts the PlayStation 5 official load time vastly ahead of the PS4.

This performance difference is huge and we have already heard the same from Mike Cerny when he revealed the specs of PlayStation 5, a few days ago. However, seeing the upcoming PS5 perform in reality makes those specs entirely true.

According to the Video Game industry experts, Mochizuki has a history of posting credible information before launch. The journalist also translated the Japanese spoken in the video on his Twitter handle. The English translation roughly says that Sony PlayStation is dedicated to improving performance and developing relationships with developers. The SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) wants to make future PlayStation work “anytime, anywhere, without disconnections.”

PlayStation 5: What We Know So Far

So far we know that PlayStation 5 will feature a third Gen Ryzen CPU coupled with AMD Navi GPU capable of up to 8K video playbacks. The PS5 specs also include a backward compatibility feature, 3D surround sound, and physical disc.

However, the next Xbox is likely to be more powerful than the upcoming PlayStation. With streaming consoles like Google Stadia also hovering on Horizon, only time will declare the winner.

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