How To Play Elden Ring In VR

Fight demigods and monsters while exploring a magical land.


Elden Ring has finally added its first major DLC update, adding a colosseum to the game. This PVP-focused mode allows players to battle each other one-on-one or in groups. However, did you know one could play Elden Ring on PC VR?

Elden Ring has also officially been dubbed the Game of the Year 2022. So it is the perfect time to try out the game in VR. Players can try out the new content in VR or roam the Lands Between to take in the amazing sights. However, it should be pointed out that this mod makes combat really hard.

Gamers can also check other flatscreen games that can be played in VR (natively or through mods). For more information, check out our guides on how to play games like Cyberpunk 2077, GTA V, Final Fantasy XIV, and Resident Evil Village in VR for free.

Things Needed

To play this game in VR, a user must have a decent gaming PC and a VR headset. Users will also need the R.E.A.L VR mod by Luke Ross to play the game in VR. Unfortunately, the Elden Ring VR mod is locked behind a paywall and can only be accessed through Luke Ross’s Patreon account.

  • Gaming PC
  • VR headset
  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • R.E.A.L VR mod by Luke Ross
  • Elden Ring on Steam
  • SteamVR
  • Controller (optional)

Play Elden Ring in VR

Installing the R.E.A.L VR mod for Elden Ring can be a bit difficult. So follow the steps given below to play Elden Ring in VR.

1. Sign up for Luke’s official Patreon page.

2. Download the Elden Ring VR mod.

3. Extract the zip folder into your Elden Ring game folder (replace files if asked).

Note: Paste these files in the same folder as eldenring.exe. The default location of the game folder is This PC New Volume (C:) > Steam > steamapps > common > ELDEN RING > Game.

4. Run the “RealConfig.bat” file and choose your graphic option.

5. Put on your VR headset and connect it to the PC.

6. Launch SteamVR and run Elden Ring to play it in VR.

Note: A pop-up might appear on your PC, so select the Run game in VR (offline) option.

To run the game using Steam VR, disable the Steam VR theater. Right-click on the game in your Steam library and select Properties. Uncheck ‘Use Desktop Game Theater while Steam VR is active.’ If you are using a Quest VR headset, check out our article on how to connect your headset to a PC.

Let us know what you think about playing Elden Ring VR in the comment section below.

Nalin Rawat

Nalin Rawat

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