Platinum Asteroid Worth “$5 Trillion” Will Pass by Earth This Sunday

platinum asteroid earth
platinum asteroid earth


On July 19, this Sunday, an asteroid is going to pass by the Earth. Well, this would have been just another asteroid, but there’s something special about this asteroid. This asteroid named UW-158, with an approximate 90 million tonne core weight, contains about $5 trillion worth of platinum.

This asteroid is expected to come within 1.5 million miles (2.4 million kilometers) of Earth. Just to make it clear that it doesn’t pose any threat to us, this distance is nearly 6 times than that between moon and Earth. So, fellow Earthlings, keep calm!

This Platinum Asteroid will pass by the Earth at 11 pm on Sunday (London time).

This passing by event will be broadcasted from an observatory in the Canary Islands, Africa- as a part of Slooh, a project linking telescopes to the internet. Slooh astronomer, Bob Berman said: “It’s always fun when an asteroid fly past our world. Slooh will be watching live when UW-158 passes 30 times closer to us than the nearest planet, on July 19.”

He further said that it’s always amazing when an asteroid flies by our world and the fact that this huge amount of platinum is present on asteroid UW-158, makes it more and more special.

This Platinum Asteroid was discovered back in October 2011, using the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System.

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