Pixel Phones Will Get ‘Switch To Android’ App In A Few Weeks

Migrating from iPhone to Android is a lot easier now!

Pixel Phones Will Get "Switch To Android" App In A Few Weeks
Image: Google

Google’s Switch to Android is available on the App Store now. It is a data transfer app that will copy iPhone data to an Android phone. The intention behind the app is to facilitate seamless data copying while migrating to a new Android phone.

Right before this official confirmation, the app was spotted on the App Store.

What’s the Switch to Android app?

Migrating from an iPhone to an Android device is a cumbersome task. You need to copy everything manually to the PC or have to use cloud solutions to make backups. But Google’s Switch to Android app will make phone data copying over Wi-Fi possible.

Users will be able to install the app on both devices and create a copy of all the data on the new phone. However, it’ll first make it to Pixel devices.


Switch to Android app is still unlisted on the App Store. It was, however, uploaded on the App Store a few days back. But it is currently unlisted. A Google spokesperson told TechCrunch that the app will be listed once it is ready to use with Pixel devices.

The app on iPhone is complete but Google still needs to roll out an update to the Pixel devices, so it can work properly. There’s no official date or anything but you can expect it to arrive soon.

Switch to Android
Image: Google

Google’s Switch to Android feature has been in the works for months now. Earlier, iPhone users who moved to an Android device had a very tough time copying their data. The only option was slow copying over cables and chances of incomplete backups. The new app will fix these issues and enable one-tap data transfer from iPhone to Android.

One minor thing to remember is that the app is limited to Pixel devices only. The app won’t work with other Android phones as of now. Google is planning to add more OEMs to the app but that will take some time to implement. Google is also planning to release an AirDrop-like feature called Self-Share.

What do you think about Google’s Switch to Android feature? Have you ever tried to migrate from an iPhone to an Android device using cables? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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