Pixel Tablet Might Replace Google Nest Hub

Upcoming Pixel Tablet is set to replace Nest Hub.

Google Is Working On A Pixel Tab "Pro"
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Following its release, Google’s Nest Hub Max quickly became a favorite among users, as it provides a series of functionality from just one place. You can stay connected, control smart home devices and get information simply by saying, ‘Hey, Google.’

But it looks like Nest Hub Max will have to watch on its back as the search giant’s latest Pixel Tablet comes for its throne.

Earlier in 2022, the company was rumored to be working on an addition to the Nest Hub series, but shortly after, Google revealed that it would launch a Pixel tablet to replace Nest Hub.

Google’s up-and-coming Pixel Tablet

The tablet is expected to takeover Nest Hub’s place in your house. Although Google has marketed it as ‘Pixel,’ the device will feature white bezels, which we can also spot in the design of the Nest Hub series.

Google has incorporated pogo pins at the back of the device. We did not know much about the function of these pogo pins, but with the help of Android code, we can now say that the pins will be used to connect to a ‘Google Dock,’ which could end up being the finished product name.

The dock will provide dual functionality as it will charge the tablet when not in use and work as a home speaker. The Android code also hinted that Google is looking to incorporate support for Nest Hub’s ultrasound facility into Android.

The Nest Hub has the ability to sense your presence using ultrasound and then light up in response to it. Google is working on adding similar functions to Android, which could be for the Pixel Tablet. The search giant is also testing ways to use Android to catch coughs and snores for the tablet device.

The next Nest Hub Max

One thing is for sure, this new device of Google will be more than just a tablet and could be the future of the industry for smart home displays.

While there is still a lot unknown about the highly anticipated tablet, all the rumors suggest that the Pixel tablet will most likely be your next Nest Hub. However, the only thing we can do now is look at renders and rumors and draw our conclusions while we wait for its official release in 2023.



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