Owners Say Pixel Phones Are Auto-Declining Some Incoming Calls

Another bug for the Pixel.

Pixel incoming call decline issue featured
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Google released the Pixel 6 series last year in October. Ever since the company launched the Pixel 6 lineup, users have faced several bugs. Google is constantly coming up with updates; however, it is not stopping new bugs from arriving.

A new bug affecting Pixel 6 Pro owners is declining incoming calls automatically. Hundreds of Pixel 6 owners have reported the issue on Reddit. A Reddit user with the username merryjaina first reported the issue. Since then, dozens of Pixel 6 Pro users have commented on it, saying they are also facing incoming call declines on their unit. It is happening with saved contacts, not unknown numbers.

Pixel 6 Pro Auto Declining Calls

The Reddit user has reported that his Pixel 6 Pro declines call at least 4+ times every week. When a person calls, the device automatically rejects the calls, and when checking the call log, it appears that the call is declined. The Pixel 6 Pro, on the other hand, doesn’t even show an incoming call on the screen, which is worse.

The user who first reported the issue has turned off the spam calls to filter, WiFi calling, flipped to shhh, and Do Not Disturb. There is no signal issue on the device, and the user has even tried resetting network settings. When the user contacted the cellular network provider, they confirmed the problem was not from their end. So it is probably not a setting or network error.

Google hasn’t commented on the issue yet. If the company acknowledges the issue, a software rollout should soon come in to fix it. Do you have a Pixel 6 Pro, and are you experiencing similar problems on your unit? Do let us know in the comments.

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