Pixel 7 Pro On JerryRigEverything: The Latest Google Pixel’s Durability Test

You will need a case!

JerryRigEverything Pixel 7 Pro durability test
Image: JerryRigEverything/YouTube

Pixel 7 Pro is the latest smartphone to feature in the JerryRigEverything durability test – a test that exposes the frail design of many smartphones hiding under the polished plastic/glass exterior. In the durability test, Jerry leaves no stone unturned to test the phone by subjecting the phone to harsh conditions.

However, Google Pixel 7 Pro saved its reputation by a very small margin. If you are thinking of buying the Pixel 7 Pro in the coming weeks, you must check what Jerry has to say about the overall durability of the phone.

JerryRigEverything Pixel 7 Pro durability test

Like always, Zack began with a scratch test. Pixel 7 Pro’s display is scratched at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7. If you follow JerryRigEverything, you know that it means the phone scratches with some added effort. The side frames are metallic, with some plastic infusion in the right spots. After some more scratching attempts, the Pixel 7 Pro had visible scratch marks on the body, which means it is indeed like most other smartphones out there and needs a case.

JerryRigEverything Pixel 7 Pro durability test
Image: WordPress

JerryRigEverything then used a lighter to transfer heat to the display. Being an AMOLED panel with 1500 nits brightness, the display had a visible dead pixel zone right where the flame was supplied. JerryRigEverything didn’t use gravel and sand this time, so we didn’t get an idea of how usable the phone would be after a dirt bath!

Lastly, he performed the bend test, which most smartphones do not survive. He first tried bending the Pixel 7 Pro from the back, and the phone had a noticeable hump after that. But when he attempted to do the same from the display side, the flex was less prominent. The body did crack from the side, but that doesn’t mean the Pixel 7 Pro will break in your back pocket like the old iPhone 6.

Jerry concludes that the Pixel 7 Pro was a heavy phone but still bent from the back. So, if you love flaunting your Pixel 7 Pro without a case, discard that habit. Instead, opt for a phone case and tempered glass to prevent the level 6 scratches on your precious $ 1,099 phone.

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