6 Pixel 7 Camera Features That Beat The iPhone 14 Camera

It isn't an out-and-out battle, but both companies have entirely different set of features.

Pixel 7 pro camera
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Google Pixel devices always arrive with a camera prowess to match that of the iPhone lineup. The iPhone 14 has been out there for a while now, and the Pixel 7 lineup has also arrived. While the Pixel’s real-world camera results are yet to show, here are 6 Pixel 7 camera features that are missing from the iPhone 14 lineup.

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro have a lot of special things about them. Both devices sport custom Google silicon, get stock Android and are the first phones to get future Android updates. The Pixel is also a marker of Google getting serious about its software by making its own hardware. Not to forget that Google opened this event with the line “It’s all coming together,” talking about the now almost-complete Google ecosystem.

However, the software part remains dominant even today, as the Pixel has unmatched image processing. In other words, if the Pixel cameras get new software features, they’re most likely to trickle down to the rest of Android phones. So do the Google Pixel 7 cameras outgun the iPhone 14 cameras? Here are 6 features that say so.

Pixel 7 camera features that the iPhone 14 cameras miss

Pixel 7 Pro Vs iPhone 14 Pro Max specs features price

50MP wide lens

It is two megapixels more than the iPhone 14’s 48MP lens. While that is on par with the current iPhone 14 on paper, Google’s processing prowess should show here, accounting for better photos. However, comparing the Pixel 7 with Pixel 6, you’ll find there’s no real camera upgrade in the main lens.

48MP telephoto lens

That’s the ace up Google’s sleeve. Adding a 48MP zoom lens to the back of a smartphone. With the higher pixel count and the Pixel’s denoising capabilities, there’s a lot of potential for the telephoto camera.

Bringing in the software magic again, the Pixel has been tuned to optimize an image at 2x, 5x, and 10x zoom. This means users don’t need to limit themselves to the optical zoom lengths to get crisp photos.


This feature goes beyond capturing a photo. Google says that the Photos app on Pixel devices can fix blurry images no matter when they were taken. So new photos aside, Pixel phones can now fix old and blurry photos for users to relive the memory.

If the feature rolling out is as good as Google claims it to be, Pixel users will be able to make the most out of their old photos.

Inclusive camera

Google bet big on inclusivity back at the Google I/O and has continued that commitment with the Pixel 7. The cameras have been fine-tuned to capture all skin tones and keep them as natural as possible. This refinement is something that was a long time coming.

Apple also applies SmartHDR 4 in iPhones to accurately capture skin tones. Making more inclusive cameras improves the photography experience and improves the details of different skin tones and faces.

Magic eraser

Another software trick that makes the Pixel 7’s camera hardware package better. Users can edit out objects from photos to remove distractions. While this feature is available for everyone on the Google Photos app, iOS doesn’t natively offer it.

As a counter, iOS lets you pick a subject from the background and paste it onto another picture. You can use this tool to create collages and even memes combining two or more photos. However, the magic eraser is a more practical tool to improve photos.

It goes way back!

Unlike the iPhone 13 and 14, where several features are limited to the latest models, the Pixel 7 camera features will all make their way to the entire Pixel lineup. So even Pixel 6 lineup owners will get the unblur tool, cinema motion focus, and other software goodies coming to the Pixel 7.

How is the Google Pixel 7 justified over older Pixels?

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will maintain their crowns with the hardware. The huge 48MP and 50MP sensors will be the best hardware to make use of all the software optimization. But that’s pretty much the only thing holding the Pixel 7 Pro higher than the Pixel 6 Pro. You can read our initial comparison of both devices to find out more.

Would you buy a Google Pixel 7 over the older Pixel phones that are expected to get a price cut? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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