Pipeline Blasting: An “Explosive” Way To Dig Trenches

Because humans love to blow things up.

pipeline blasting
Image: YouTube / Dykon Blasting

When planning a city, there is literally a lot more than what meets the eye. Several feet under the ground lie entire pipeline networks that are crucial for a well-functioning city. There are different ways of digging the ground for such purposes. However, the most effective way is to carry out pipeline blasting.

The aforementioned pipeline networks deliver important resources, such as fuel and water. Moreover, certain such networks also transfer sewage to treatment plants. These are some amenities without which we can’t imagine our lives in the modern age. Therefore, it stresses the pivotal role of digging up soil in the most efficient way and laying down these pipelines.

In case you didn’t know, pipeline blasting is a spectacular way to create new space for setting up underground networks. It doesn’t just work great but looks great as well. So, here’s a video that shows glimpses of this quick and powerful digging method.

Blasting is a highly rated option for building trenches in an economical yet effective manner. It involves drilling explosives into the ground at several different points on the desired pipeline route and then detonating them. As there exist explosives of different magnitudes, this particular technique gives construction authorities better control over the digging process.

Types of pipeline blasting

There are two kinds of pipeline blasting that workers generally use. Firstly, there’s the conventional blasting which involves inserting same-strength explosives into the ground in a random or asymmetrical pattern. While this approach produces comparatively milder ground vibrations, there are reasonable chances of huge over-breaks (excess underground cracks from the explosion).

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Image: tmi2001.com

On the other hand, controlled blasting is an orderly approach that involves drilling blast holes in a pattern. Moreover, the explosives fitted into these spots vary in blast capacity. The central points have high-strength explosives, whereas the rest of the blast holes have weaker explosives. Importantly, this results in fewer over-break issues at the cost of stronger ground vibrations.

Clearly, pipeline blasting is one of the best techniques for controlled trench construction, especially when it comes to dense cities or areas with a significant population. While you are here, make sure to check out these fascinating road maintenance machines.

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