World’s Top VPN Provider, Private Internet Access (PIA), Goes Open Source


In the past decade, the market for VPN services has grown at a rapid pace. There many reputed services available that provide security and give you peace of mind. Private Internet Access (PIA) is one such well-known VPN provider that has also found #2 spot on our list of best VPN services.

PIA has gone one step ahead to gain the trust of more users. The company has announced that it has started the process of open sourcing their software. Over the next half-year, Private Internet Access will release the source code of all its client-side applications, extensions, and libraries.

Earlier, the customers who didn’t wish to run their proprietary app had the option to use their OpenVPN gateway. Now with open source, the paranoid privacy geeks will have the option to look into their app and see how things are working.

Moreover, as it happens in open source community, the community can take the code, reuse it for personal applications or help PIA improve it.

Starting today, PIA has first shared the code of its Chrome extension that allows users to access PIA proxies via the web browser. It also comes with features like disabling the camera, microphone, flash, etc. Find the code here on GitHub.

As said above, the company plans to release all its client side code into the open and hopes to get feedback.

In case you wish to read about their VPN performance in detail, read our review of Private Internet Access (PIA).

Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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