A Physicist Explains Why Time Only Moves Forwards, Not Backwards


Time gap and space

Short Bytes: Physicist Joan Vaccaro, a professor at the Griffith University, has proposed an idea that why there is a gap between past and future. According to the professor, physics treats space and time in the same way, but there must be something which is making the difference because we do not face the time the same way we face the space. 

In a recent study published in the “Proceedings of TheRoyal Society A”, physicist Joan Vaccaro, a professor at the Griffith University, pitches the idea that some quantum phenomenon doesn’t behave alike if we move forward or backward in time, and this lets us acknowledge the “asymmetry” or one-way course of time. According to her, in this regard, some specific subatomic particles like K and B mesons could provide us with useful information.

Vaccaro said,

If you want to know from where the universe initiated and where it’s heading, you have to know about time. Research on subatomic particles demonstrates that nature doesn’t treat both directions of time correspondingly. K and B mesons act contrarily, depending on the direction of time.

According to her, the presence of space is there to comprehend the spatial phenomenon but that is not true with the case of the temporal phenomenon. Time is always pushing us to move forward but there should be some backward movements. By using these K and B mesons, she wants to evaluate these backward movements.

Professor Vaccaro reassessed the equations of quantum mechanics in such a way that time was not a considered constant in the universe. And, she observed that the time and space behave alike in those situations, describing our universe accurately.

This also means that this subtle behavior is responsible for making the universe move forwards in time.

She said,

Understanding how time changes in this way can herald new concepts about the nature of time. It may provide us with a better understanding about the strange perceptions such as traveling back in time.

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