PHP 7.2 And Kotlin 1.2 Programming Languages Released


Kotlin 1.2

Moving to Kotlin–the latest programming language to get official Android support. JetBrains announced Kotlin 1.2 and called it a major release which will let the devs reuse code between JVM and JS. The release announcement states that now one can write the business logic of an app once and reuse for the backend, browser frontend, and Android mobile app. So, this release supports multiplatform projects.

One should also note that IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3 (it’s being released this week) already comes bundled with Kotlin 1.2. In case you’re using Android Studio or older version of IntelliJ IDEA, you can get the update.

JetBrains says that they’ve been able to deliver about 25% performance improvement over Kotlin 1.1. In further 1.2.x updates, performance will be further improved.

CompilationSpeed kotlin 1.2
Image: JetBrains

The company has also worked to bring a number of minor improvements to language and standard library, for ex., now there’s a more concise syntax for passing multiple arguments to an annotation.

You can go ahead and find all the details and relevant Kotlin 1.2 links on this page.

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PHP 7.2

As the second feature update to the PHP 7 series, the PHP development team has shipped the PHP 7.2.0 release. As expected, this releases comes with many improvements and features. You can find the source downloads of PHP 7.2.0 on the downloads page.

As per the release notes, the major improvements and new features include the ability to convert numeric keys in object/array casts, object typehint, counting of non-countable objects, and HasContext as Object.

That’s not all. PHP 7.2 also improves TLS constants to sane values. The Mycrypt extension has been removed and new sodium extension has been added.

“The migration guide is available in the PHP Manual. Please consult it for the detailed list of new features and backward incompatible changes,” PHP 7.2 release announcement adds.

Find the release notes and relevant download links on this page.

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