Guy Transfers 1 Million Watts To A Light Bulb, Puts 5,000 Watt Light Bulb In A Pumpkin

Short Bytes: A YouTube channel named photonicinduction has some of the craziest science experiments one could think of. It includes lighting a pumpkin with a 5,000-watt bulb and transferring 1 million watts to a 1,000 watt light bulb.

What could an electrical engineer with around 25 years of experience do? Are some crazy and insane science experiments enough to blow your mind in the heat of a 20,000-watt light bulb?

In his experimenting room, Photonicinduction uses his $3,000 light bulb to show what happens after he lights the bulb.

Here’s the video of the 20,000 Watt light bulb test:

The electrical engineer seems to be obsessed with light bulbs because many of his other experiments include a light bulb. He takes advantage of the electricity to its fullest until the experimental setup cries for its life and dies.

In another video, he shows what will happen if you put a 5,000 watt light bulb inside a pumpkin:

In another video, he constantly increases the power input to a 1,000-watt incandescent lamp until the bulb dies after bearing around 2,900 watts. He even tortures that light bulb by transferring a million watts instantly:

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