Peter Thiel Unloads On Warren Buffet, Calls Him ‘Sociopathic Grandpa’

Peter Thiel makes a long rant on Warren Buffet!

Peter Thiel slams Warren Buffet
Peter Thiel at the Miami conference

Peter Thiel, billionaire venture capitalist, and crypto evangelist, made derogatory remarks about Warren Buffett. He called out Buffet and other Titans because they disapproved of Bitcoin. Thiel also took a dig at Jamie Dimon and Larry Fink and didn’t mince his word even a bit. Moreover, he is quite vocal about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and made millions by investing in them.

Peter Thiel calls out Warren Buffett

Peter referred to Warren Buffett as cryptocurrency’s “enemy number one.” He called him a “sociopathic grandpa from Omaha.” That’s where Berkshire Hathaway is located in Nebraska. He also said that Buffett topped the list of his enemies who were hell-bent on stopping the cryptocurrency.

Why is Thiel so angry?

Peter Thiel is deeply invested in the cryptocurrency industry. He amassed quite an immense fortune and is working extremely hard on it. But he is equally voracious when talking about people who do not support Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. Warren Buffett once called cryptocurrencies a “rat poison.” In another incident, he said that he never owned any Bitcoin and would never own any in the future.

peter thiel

Peter Thiel made all these comments among people who backed them during a presentation. He didn’t leave out Jamie Dimon and Larry Fink and included their imagery in the presentation as well. Peter Thiel found it misleading that these people malign cryptocurrency so openly. Warren Buffett has quite a presence globally, and his work serves as the cornerstone for many. If such a man advises against it, it isn’t suitable for the Crypto industry.

Interestingly, Warren Buffett’s company invested in a company in Brazil. It is a digital payment bank for cryptocurrency payments. So, it contradicts Buffett’s stance on cryptocurrency. These people love Blockchain technology. But they have no interest or trust in cryptocurrencies.

Peter Thiel said, “When they choose not to allocate to bitcoin, that’s a deeply political choice.” He even said to the audience that “We need to say, you know, you have to get on board with this.” While Peter Thiel’s approach is incorrect, cryptocurrencies have become an enormous market. Millions of people invest real-world money to buy a small fraction of cryptocurrencies just because they hope to hit it big in the long run.

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