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Wino board

IOT is on rise, devices are coming everyday to connect physical and digital world. Raspberry Pi, Arduino Board, Cubit, CHIP, Sensorian are some of the coolest IOT development board available today. Since functionality is pretty much developed and maturing,  companies target is being shifted toward making miniaturized, portal and easy to use IOT Kits.

One of such development is Wino Board from Florian Kopp which looks like a perfect IOT board for prototyping projects that are connects physical and digital world.

What is Wino Board?

A tiny computer with built-in WiFi on one small board. It is able to do complex tasks like instrumentation, controlling and calculating. Due to it´s low price, the high flexibility and the easy integration the module is an ideal basis for smart wireless devices and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Additional to the hardware it comes with an easy and powerful software environment which makes it easy to configure and program the board to individual needs. The Wino board is compatible to the well known Arduino platforms which makes it very flexible and easy to use even for beginners.


Since over a year the design of the board was constantly improved and optimized. The goal was to create a hardware which combines als necessary features which makes it a perfect basis for connected devices. And though very small in size, it is very powerful. It gives

• Newest ARM® Cortex®-M0+ Technology
• WIFI with TCP/IP and built-in ceramic antenna
• High resolution inputs and outputs
• Professional debugging possible
• Much faster and more space
• Optimized for low cost applications

Technical data:

Microcontroller:  Atmel ATSAMD21
Supply Voltage:  3.3V
Digital I/O Pins:  15
Analog I/O Pins:  6 x 12 Bit ADC
 1 x 10 Bit DAC
Flash Storage:  128 kB
RAM:  16 kB
Frequency:  48 MHz
WIFI-Module:  ESP8266EX
Wireless standard:  802.11 b/g/n
Modes:  P2P, soft-AP
Network:  TCP-IP / UDP
 Static IP, DHCP
Interface:  27 I/O Pin stackable header
Dimensions:  18,5 x 26,5 mm


Power consumption:

Supply Voltage: 3.3V

Part Mode Power consumption
Microcontroller (SAMD21) on 1 – 5 mA
Microcontroller (SAMD21) standby  3 mA
WIFI-Chip (ESP8266) send  150 mA
WIFI-Chip (ESP8266) receive  50 mA
WIFI-Chip (ESP8266) sleep  1 – 15 mA
WIFI-Chip (ESP8266) deep sleep  0.01 mA
WIFI-Chip (ESP8266) off  0.0005 mA


How to get it?

Wino board is currently running its campaign on kickstarter and you can donate 10€ to get early access to basic Wino Board. I am very confident that Wino Board will easily reach its campaign and start building and shipping this product.


Let us know in comments your views toward IOT development and Wino Board. Stay Tuned for more such updates.

Ananda Verma

Ananda Verma

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