People Are Freaking Out About This Insane Picture Of Mark Zuckerberg


mark zuckerberg vr samsung launch eventShort Bytes: A picture of Mark Zuckerberg brandishing a slightly evil smile on his face, walking past thousands of people wearing VR headsets, has caused a havoc online. It happened at this year’s Mobile World Congress, during Samsung’s Galaxy S7 launch event in Barcelona. 

This image looks coming straight from an unreleased dystopian sci-fi film. Imagine a scenario where a billionaire (insert Mark Zuckerberg here) owns the things he likes (Facebook, Instagram, Oculus Rift, Messenger, WhatsApp) and humans are busy wasting their time on these platforms. Make the overall setting more daunting and stick a VR headset on people’s eyes and block the real world around. Now the billionaire strides ahead and appears in front of people out of nowhere. The humans go crazy and start clicking pictures of the billionaire and chant his name repeatedly.

Let’s tone this down — uh mmm, let’s say increase — the terror quotient a little bit. It happened at this year’s Mobile World Congress, during Samsung’s Galaxy S7 launch event in Barcelona. While Samsung had no surprises to offer at its mobile phone launch, it managed to capture some screams when Mark Zuckerberg appeared on the stage out of nowhere.

Minutes after Zuckerberg posted this image on his Facebook wall, comments started pouring where people expressed their distress.

Here are some of the best reactions from Twitter:

The smile on Zuckerberg’s face makes things more serious. Probably, he’s thinking about the flooding revenues after he earns another stack of billion dollars with advertisements on the new VR platform.

Facebook and other companies are busy marketing the headsets as the way to a new world and trying to bring the experience at lower prices. The monetization isn’t in the picture at the moment, but Zuckerberg is probably having everything planned in his mind.

Remember this picture. Or, maybe forget about it tomorrow.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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