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Pegasus latest updates
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Since Forbidden Stories and other publications broke the stories, Pegasus news has been all around the web. Here, you’ll find the latest Pegasus updates. Whether they are political developments or new ways to know if Pegasus has infected your phone, we’ll keep updating them here.

We’ve covered some of the big basic questions you may have about Pegasus. You can check out the linked article to know in-depth about Pegasus. Here are the latest and important updates about Pegasus that we know so far –

Pegasus Story So Far

The Beginning

On 21 July 2021, Amnesty and 80 journalists from around the world covered stories on “The Pegasus Project.” Based on a list of 50,000 leaked Pegasus targets, publications around the world disclosed how governments are using Pegasus spyware on journalists, activists, and dissenters.

You can use a Mobile Verification Toolkit and check if your phone is affected by Pegasus. After reports of Pegasus infecting iPhones, Apple also issued a statement about the company working to catch up with Israeli spyware. There are still doubts about the degree of Pegasus infections on Android phones.

Political Fallout Of Pegasus

The spyware, named after the flying horse from Greek mythology,, has also shaken political balances. With the names of high-profile leaders, journalists, and activists on the list, it took a political turn really quickly.

Made by an Israel-based company, NSO Group, Pegasus is sold to governments and government agencies around the world. Reportedly, 45 governments are clients of NSO Group.

Phone numbers of many high-profile Indians were present in the leaked list of targets. However, the Indian government has so far not answered the question of whether India is using Pegasus.

On July 28, a Parliamentary Committee on Information and Technology will question the Indian government about Pegasus use.

Pegasus Latest Updates

29 January 2022: Report Claims India Bought Pegasus

A New York Times report claims that India bought Pegasus and a missile system as part of a $2 billion defense deal with Israel. The cooperation further went to India blocking the observer status to a Palestine human rights group.

23 November 2021: Apple Sues NSO Group

After WhatsApp, Apple goes after Pegasus and sues NSO Group for targeting Apple users. The company announces that it is suing NSO Group to permanently block NSO from using Apple technology again.

Aside from the lawsuit, Apple also announced a $10 million contribution to organizations working on cyber-surveillance research and advocacy.

October 2021: Updates From France And India

France And Israel

French President Emmanuel Macron’s number surfaces among the Pegasus targets. NSO Group decides to block tracking French phone numbers from any future deals. Speedy actions are taken by NSO Group to solve the Pegasus crisis as French and Israel’s bilateral relations suffer.


Supreme Court of India starts inquiry into the Government’s use of Pegasus. The inquiry will be led by a retired Supreme Court Justice, assisted by an IPS Officer and officials from the National Forensics University.

The committee is to report its findings to the court in the next two months. The court says it cannot be a “mute spectator” and that the state should not get a “free pass” in the name of national security.

30 July 2021: Pegasus Blocks Clients

Amidst ongoing investigations, France has confirmed that the phones of two French journalists were hacked by Pegasus. Meanwhile, NSO Group, the makers of Pegasus have blocked some of its government clients from using the software. Names of the agencies of governments suspended from using Pegasus haven’t been revealed yet.

The development is a result of NSO Group investigating the misuse of Pegasus by its clients. This isn’t the first time NSO Group has suspended its clients from using Pegasus. In the past too, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Mexico were suspended for abusing their access to Pegasus.

21 July 2021: Investigations Begin

Coming to the latest updates on Pegasus, multiple investigations into its use have started. So far, NSO Group has announced that it’ll look into any potential misuse of Pegasus. The company has also called the list of leaked numbers a fake.

Israel is also starting an inter-ministerial investigation into the use of Pegasus. The team is headed by Israel’s National Security Council. French President Emmanuel Macron was among the leaders targeted by spyware. So France has also started its own investigation into Pegasus.

NSO Group Founders Defend Pegasus

In an interview with the Washington Post, NSO Group CEO Shalev Hulio said that he would “shut down Pegasus” if someone else found a better way to track down criminal activity. Hulio said,“If somebody says, I found a better way to get criminals, get terrorists, get information from a pedophile, I will shut down this company.”

Co-founder Omri Lavi said it was “horrible” that their program was being used to track journalists. He said, “This technology was used to handle literally the worst this planet has to offer. Somebody has to do the dirty work.”

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