New Apple Patent Says Apple Car Will Be Used As Taxi Cabs

It will also have a dedicated lane-switching generator and mounted camera to help police.

Apple car cab
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New Apple Car patents show how Apple plans to deploy its cars as taxi cabs and police surveillance vehicles. Three new ‘Project Titan’ patents also show Apple Cars’ self-driving features, including lane changes. The company has also patented a mobile app that lets users call an Apple Car cab and adjust its settings to their liking.

Another patent discusses how the car will be mounted with a camera to help the police. The camera will help law enforcement identify and track vehicles of interest. The third patent shows details of the self-driving system with a lane-change generator. It means the Apple Car will have a dedicated system to check when it is safe to switch lanes.

Coming back to the cab patent, the patent reveals the app will be able to control a host of features. These include calling the cab, unlocking the doors, and verifying when the ride starts. Current cab services like Uber let users verify the cab and start a ride using an OTP. However, Apple’s app could take things up a notch.

Apple Car cab app patent details

The Apple Car cab will have its own mobile app. Aside from letting users call and start the ride, the app will give users access to a ‘central interface’ for interacting with the car. This dashboard will let them control the temperature and possibly the ambient lighting of the passenger cabin as well.

Compared to the current crop of cab booking apps, Apple will use NFC verification to unlock the cab doors and verify the ride. All of these features are expected to add to an improved ride experience. So far, it is unclear when the Apple Car will launch, but there are renders that show how it could look. The most accurate render has come from Vanarama. The company went through the Project Titan patents available at the time and rendered a car out of them.

Apple has hired veterans from Lamborghini and Ford to work on the car. The company seems to be taking its time to complete the car, and it could be a fully autonomous vehicle when it launches. Coming to the other aspects of it, Apple might also enable law enforcement surveillance through the Apple Car.

One of the recent patents says that the car will have a mounted camera to help the police identify and track vehicles of interest. What do you think about Apple launching a cab service and turning it into a surveillance tool? Let us know in the comments.

Manik Berry

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