Parrot Security OS 3.7 Released With Linux 4.11, Now Based On Debian 10 Testing


Short Bytes: Frozenbox Network has finally released the latest Parrot Security OS 3.7. This release is based on Debian GNU/Linux 10 Buster. Powered by custom Linux kernel 4.11, this release brings a wide set of changes and improvements. You can go ahead and download Parrot 3.7 from its website.

Earlier this year in May, we told you about the Parrot Security OS 3.6 release which came with updated packages and custom Linux kernel 4.9. It was based on Debian GNU/Linux 9 Stretch, whose stable release arrived a few weeks ago.

Now, after about 2 months of development work, Frozenbox Network has released Parrot Security OS 3.7. For those who don’t know, Parrot Security OS is often listed as one of the best alternatives to popular ethical hacking operating system Kali Linux.

Parrot 3.7 Based on Debian 10 Testing

One of the major changes in Parrot Security OS 3.7 is its Debian 10 base. Debian 10, code named buster, is currently under development. Another change comes in the form of custom Linux 4.11 kernel, which ensures better hardware support.

It should be noted that last month there were rumors that Parrot team is considering making a switch from Debian GNU/Linux to Devuan GNU/Linux as the base platform. “Our release team is evaluating a possible migration of our project from Debian to Devuan,” the team wrote in a tweet.

However, it looks like the Parrot team isn’t yet ready to go ahead with Devuan. In a Facebook post, the team wrote, “It is not an easy migration and we have still to decide what to do.” Makes perfect sense.

Coming back to the latest release, another major change is the introduction of the ARC theme. The auto-updater has also been improved to show the progress of system upgrades.

The Parrot development team also promises a wide range of fixes and improvements over the previous releases. Find more changes in the release notes.

The previous release also brought a new Parrot OS flavor called Parrot Air. Similar to Parrot Full, it came loaded with tools dedicated to wireless testing. This release should be expected to improve the Parrot Air experience.

Download the latest Parrot 3.7 here.

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