Parrot Security OS 3.6 Released With New Derivative “Parrot Air” For Wireless Hacking


Short Bytes: Frozenbox Network has released the latest version of Parrot Security OS. Powered by custom Linux 4.9 kernel, Parrot Security OS 3.6 focuses on polishing the user experience and working environment. This release promises a lesser memory-intensive experience. Parrot 3.6 also introduces a new derivate named Parrot Air, which is built specifically for wireless testing.

Earlier this year in March, I told you about the release of Parrot Security OS 3.5, which was powered by Linux kernel 4.9.13 and Debian GNU/Linux 9 Stretch. Now, after few months of hard work, the Parrot Security team is here with the next release of this Kali Linux alternative, i.e., Parrot 3.6.

Parrot Security OS 3.6 doesn’t come with many noticeable new features and functionalities. The announcement post of this ethical hacking distro also mentions this. With this release, the developers have aimed to make the existing tools and environment better.

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Changes and improvements in Parrot Security OS 3.6:

Apart from the polishing part, work has been done to make Parrot Security OS 3.6 less memory-hungry. This was done by tuning up startup daemons management system and minor fixes. As a result, Parrot 3.6 Lite 32-bit now uses less than 200MB RAM.

In this journey of overall improvement, work has been done to make Anonsurf better. Now, the anonymity and privacy section is reliable and well-tested.

Parrot devs mention that they wish to focus more on Lite and Studio editions as Parrot Core is also suitable for different general purpose derivate projects.

Parrot Air For Wireless testing

This release also brings a new Parrot OS derivative named Parrot Air. It’s similar to Parrot Full and comes with tools dedicated solely for wireless testing. Parrot team says that Parrot Air is just a proof of concept that’ll be improved in future.

You can read more about Parrot Security OS 3.6 release here.

To download the ISO and torrent files, visit the download page.

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