Parrot 4.0 Ethical Hacking Linux Distro Released: Download Here To Get New Features


Compared to its previous releases, Debian-based Parrot 4.0 ethical hacking distro has arrived with a lot more changes. The development team has called it an important milestone in the history of the project.

What’s new in Parrot 4.0?

It goes without saying that Parrot 4.0 ships with all the fixes and updated packages released since 3.11 apart from the new features. This release also took a lot more time as compared to previous versions.

Starting with 4.0, the developers have decided to ship netinstall images. It’ll enable the interested security researchers to create their customized working environment with only the bare core and the software they need.

This version ships with Linux kernel 4.16, which includes tons of fixes, optimizations, and better hardware support.

The official Parrot Docker templates have also been shipped. With Parrot on Docker, one can access the system on top of any work environment that supports Docker. Apart from Docker on Parrot, different images with bare system, complete environment with tools, and Metasploit container has also been made available.

In other changes, the sandboxed applications have been made more stable for better security; nginx is the new default web server daemon; md raid support has been added by default; LibreOffice 6, Firefox 60, and MATE 1.20 have been added.

Download Parrot 4.0 or upgrade your system

To upgrade your current system, run the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt purge tomoyo-tools
sudo apt full-upgrade
sudo apt autoremove

To download the images for fresh installation, visit Parrot download page.

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