Panasonic Exoskeleton Will Give You Superhuman Strength



Everyone would agree at this point of time that Artificial Intelligence is the future. Machines have replaced humans most of the aspects of life. News like Hadrian-The Robot that builds a home in 2 days is already a hit. The reason is pretty simple: Robots are precise, efficient and make no excuses.

Panasonic has offered a way to enhance human skill in the factories by providing exoskeletons rather than replacing the workers with robots. Build by ActiveLink, a subsidiary of Panasonic, this exoskeleton aims to provide super strength to human workers in the factory. The Powerloader Panasonic Exoskeleton is powerful enough to allow its wearer carry a load up to 33 pounds whereas it itself weighs just 13 pounds.

One thing that separates Panasonic Exoskeleton machines with humans is the factor of awareness and judgement. But, with the advancing technology this thin line between robots and humans will also be erased as seen in the recent experiment where bots solved Wise Men puzzle and showed self-awareness.

In times when some people are distraught with the machines overtaking their work, Panasonic’s idea of Powerloader exoskeletons is brilliant. Panasonic Exoskeleton will help workers retain their job as well as increase the efficiency manifolds.

The use of exoskeletons is bound to become popular in near future because it combines the power of the machines with the rationale of a human. Panasonic is testing its Powerloader exoskeleton in the warehouses in Osaka, and in the forestry work in Japan.

Machines like Panasonic Exoskeleton will become a regular visual in few years. For now these exoskeletons are used in specific sectors like in high tech research labs. The exoskeletons are also in demand by militaries to transform their men into super soldiers. US Military has already signed a deal with Malloy Aeronautics to build Hoverbikes for American soldiers.

ActiveLink plans to build a bigger and badder version of this Panasonic Exoskeleton for future that will be strong enough to carry a load of 220 pounds.

Engineers are working on machines that could enhance human powers and skills, and exoskeletons especially will be a boon for the people with disabilities.

It won’t be long when we would be using small versions of exoskeleton like a robotic arm to move our extra heavy stuff from the basement. Share your views about Panasonic Exoskeleton in comments below.

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