Solving This Math Equation Could Help You Steal $200 Billion In Bitcoin


Math enthusiasts definitely know about the famous P vs NP problem and how it is an unsolved problem till date. However, if the un from the unsolved is removed, it could help you ‘steal’ around $200 billion in bitcoin.

This has been suggested by theoretical computer scientist Scott Aaronson during a lecture at Los Alamos National Lab in New Mexico (Via Gizmodo).

As for the popular P vs NP problem, the unsolved Math problem is related to computer science, wherein P refers to the problems a computer is capable of solving and NP is the Nondeterministic Polynomial time.

“If someone proves P=NP, the first thing they should do is steal $200 billion in bitcoin. The second thing they should do is solve all of the other Millennium Prize Problems,” Aaronson stated in the lecture.

When it comes to the application part, a computer solves the “P” problem all the time, ranging from normal calculations to various other difficult tasks. As the level of difficulty increases, the time spent on it also increases in polynomial time. For example, of the input to solve will increase by two times, then the time taken will increase by four times.

As for NP, it can be solved, however, the time taken to solve it is way more, for instance, the whole process of encryption.

While the claim of being able to get $200 million in bitcoin could be vague, you can still earn $1 million if you are able to solve this problem mentioned in the Millennium Prize Problems by the Clay Mathematics Institute in Cambridge.

As additional information, there are seven unsolved problems in the Millennium Prize Problems and CMI will award $1 million for each problem to the ones who are able to solve them.

Those who feel they can solve the problem can surely apply for the challenge. Let us know in the comments if you are willing to take up the challenge.

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