Owner Reviews Tata Nexon After Long Term Use Of 50,000 Km


Recently, a Tata Nexon owner did a long term review of his SUV after driving it for 50,000 km over a span of two years. The owner is from Himachal Pradesh, and since it’s a hilly area, the review is based on driving on high altitude roads.

Tata Nexon is quite an impressive car on paper, especially if you look at its achievement. It is the first Indian car to achieve a five-star safety rating. However, not many owners have reviewed its long-term performance.

Luckily, we have this owner’s review on his YouTube channel. Let’s discuss his experience so far with his Tata Nexon.

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Tata Nexon Review: Hilly Road Conditions

Tata Nexon Review After 50,000 km (1)

Comfortable And Convenient

The driver mentions that the first trip he took in his Nexon was to Spiti, which is a mountain valley in Himachal Pradesh. The trip was around 1500-2000 Km long, and it took almost 14 hours to complete it.

What really impressed the owner was the SUV’s comfort level during long trips. According to him, the suspension system of Tata Nexon, its seats, and large legroom inside the car made his trips very comfortable.

Tata Motor outfits the Nexon with an independent Mcpherson strut suspension system at the front and semi-independent suspension at the rear in Nexon.

The owner revealed that the dashboard has enough space to keep your cell phone. Also, Nexon has enough space for keeping stuff like bottles and umbrellas. An additional hook, inside the Nexon,  to hang stuff and a glove box further increases the space for miscellaneous usage.

The YouTuber said his favorite feature is the Harman Kardon music system that provides the best sound quality.

Transmission, Driving Mode And Fuel-Efficiency

The XM variant of Tata Nexon has a manual transmission. In the owner’s experience, the gear shifts are not the best in class. However, the transmission is quite satisfactory, and there’s nothing to complain about.

Before we talk about the driving modes, let me tell you the model that the owner has makes 110 BHP and 170 Nm torque. There are three driving modes: Eco, Sport, and City.

Tata Nexon Review transmission

In Eco mode, the car has a maximum of power 70 BHP, whereas, in the City mode power delivery is further increased to 90 BHP. The vehicle has the maximum power output in Sports mode as it’s the performance-oriented driving mode.

Although the YouTuber didn’t mention the fuel-efficiency in the video, he revealed it to his viewers in the video’s comment section.

According to him, Tata Nexon returns a mileage of around 16-17 km/l in the mountainous regions. However, he also said that the fuel-efficiency largely depends upon the driving style of the driver.

Tata Nexon Review: Here Are a Few Glitches Too

Tata Nexon Review problems and issues

Nothing can be perfect, and the same applies to Tata Nexon. As experienced by the owner, the biggest flaw of the car is its A-pillar. The owner said that the A-pillar at the driver’s side hinders the view during cornering, which technically means it acts as a blind spot.

The second thing is the absence of roof light at the rear. There’s only cabin light provided at the front side in the center.

But overall, the owner is satisfied with the performance of Tata Nexon and highly recommends it.

Do you agree with this long term review of Tata Nexon? What do you guys think?

Shaheer Anwar

Shaheer Anwar

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