Owner Explains Why You Should Go For Tata Altroz XE Rhythm And Not XE

Tata Altroz XE base model
Image: Tata Motors

There has been a gradual increase in the demand for Tata Altroz since its launch in the market. The safety features, ride quality, and the affordable price tag have been the biggest features of Tata cars for the masses.

In terms of pricing, the petrol variant starts at Rs 5.29 lakh (ex-showroom). The base model, Tata Altroz XE, has a price tag of Rs 5.29 lakh (ex-showroom), whereas it’s modified model XE Rhytm has a price tag of Rs 5.54 lakh with an increment in features (ex-showroom). Users get a screen-based stereo system, central locking with flip key, and speakers in the Altroz XE Rhytm pack.

Since the price of the base variant of Tata Altroz is quite affordable, many customers could not resist going for it. Recently, a man bought the base model Tata Altroz XE and regretted not spending extra Rs 25,000 and going for its higher variant Rhytm XE.

To explain why it is a mistake choosing Tata Altroz XE over XE Rhytm, he made a video and uploaded it on his YouTube channel. He also explained why you should go for a single din audio system instead of a touch screen.

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Tata Altroz XE Rhytm Is Value For Money

Image: Tata Motors

The man in the video said that the company does not provide remote central locking in the base model of Tata Altroz. In order to save some money, the guy decided to get an after-market central locking feature. Later he then realized that professionals had to cut through the wiring of the car to install central locking, a process that voids the warranty of the car. For reference, he was planning to install the central locking of the popular brand RD.

So he decided to get it installed officially at the Tata showroom by paying Rs 2,000 to 3,000 extra. As we can see, where the guy was trying to save money, he ended up spending more.

The guy advised everyone that the Rs 25,000 Rhytm pack provides features that are worth spending this amount and highly recommends it. Furthermore, he advised why after a market android stereo is not a good option for Altroz XE.

Don’t Go For Android Stereo System


In the base model of Altroz, the company does not provide any kind of music system. Instead, the automaker has provided dedicated space for the installation of an aftermarket stereo system. Based on the design, the single-DIN stereo system is most suitable for that position.

A digital android screen is a modern gadget, therefore people prefer it for their car. Unfortunately, the android system creates problems when installed in Altroz XE. Most of the aftermarket dealers manually cut the center console to install the infotainment screen and use bolts and nuts to fix it a place. However, it’s not the proper method of doing it, and as time passes the bolts get loose.

The automaker has designed the center console considering it for a single DIN music system and choosing something other than that may not fit perfectly.

In the end, the YouTuber decided to go for a branded Pioneer single-DIN stereo system for his Tata Altroz. The problem of a single din audio system is a specific case in Tata Altroz and does not apply to every car.

Have you installed aftermarket accessories in your Tata Altroz? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

Shaheer Anwar

Shaheer Anwar

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